Kirkpatrick, Ohio was the village of La Timberville when the Church of Christ was organized in 1832. In 1828, two brothers, John and William Hill, with their cousins, James and Robert Kerr, settled in the vicinity. They were so pleased with the are  a that they persuaded their parents to join them. They had been members of the church in Licking County and cooperated with an itinerant preacher, Harrison Jones, in conducting services in homes in the community. The Adam Hipsher home was where the congregation was meeting when the church was organized there in 1832. The first members were Adam, Lemma and James Hipsher; Mr. And Mrs. Samuel Hill, John,

Robert, William and James; James and Robert Kerr; Mr. And Mrs. Jackson Dowling; William Clutter; Enos Doughty; Catherine Knowles and Amos Boynton. In 1840, it was decided to build a house of worship which was constructed of hewn logs, eaves rather low, clapboard roof, one large door, three small windows, puncheon floor and log bench seats. It was about 22 x 26 feet square and cost $100 to build the structure. Here the gospel was publicly proclaimed and those that gladly received the Word, completely obeyed and were baptized, usually in the Whetstone River in the early days.. Jackson Dowling was the minister. Delivering the principal address at the dedication service was Alexander Campbell, one of the founding fathers of the Restoration Movement  It was said that Mr. Campbell owned some property west of Marion and he also had a sister who lived in Marion, Ohio.

In 1853, Lots 45 and 46 were sold by James B. Millison to the church trustees, William Hill and John Carrell. These two lots were directly across the pike (Columbus-Sandusky Road was called "Mud Pike") and the church paid $25 for the two lots. A new building was erected about 1860 on this site and it cost about $1000. It was 36 x 40 feet, had large windows, a sawn floor, comfortable seats with backs and two modern stoves. After about 40 years; this became inadequate and was removed to build the present building which cost $3500.

The present building was dedicated in 1903. Ross Hill had charge of the song service for a long time when the song books were only poems with no musical notes. Enos Doughty, great grandfather of Kensel Clutter, was janitor for the second building for a long time.  In 1902, the Christian Church Ladies Society met and organized with 26 members. Their activities were quilting, sewing rags for rugs, making dust caps and aprons and knotting or tying comforts.  In 1917, the board voted to arrange for building a parsonage or furnishing a parsonage for the preacher. The parsonage was built about 1921 when C. A. Mitchell was the minister. It was built across the road where the original log building was located. Dr. C. L. Baker, who lived and had his office in the house that is the parsonage today. He served as elder for many years and was one of the main workers in building the present facility. The church building was raised 2 ft. and 3 cement blocks were placed on the foundation. Installation of a Rudy giant furnace with a fan was done for $400 in 1928.

In the late 1940's; a youth group was organized under the leadership of Kensel Clutter. This group met on Sunday evening.  A new addition of 20 ft. on the east end of the building with a basement was finished in 1954.  In 1968, a big decision had to be made when re-structure design and merger took place in the Christian churches (Disciples of Christ). Kirkpatrick church name was removed, by congregation vote, from the yearbook of the Christian Churches (Disciples) so it would not automatically come under this new movement and would stay self-supporting (autonomous) and follow Bible teaching only.  

August 1984 Don Kelley (Kathe, wife) was called as the minister of the church, he continues as the church's ministry to this day.  In 1988 the church began a Food Pantry Ministry serving 5 families on the first night, with Mary Rowe and Jeep Branch in charge.  In 2006 the food pantry feed 1,854 families an average of 154 families a month or an average of 505 individuals a month.   In 2016 the Kirkpatrick Church of Christ decided to stop participating in the food pantry ministry

In 1989, Junior Worship service was started with Hester Fabiny in charge. The last Sunday of each month was to be "family day" and everyone would meet together upstairs in the sanctuary. There would be no Junior church on this day. Jim Christian is the leader at the present time.  In 1995 small groups were started and also the "faith promise" program began which resulted in an increase in the church's giving to missions. The kitchen in the church basement was remodeled during this year by members of the church family.  A Keyboard instrument was donated by Martha and Jim Haines in memory of Martha's mother, Vada Whiteamire.

In 1998, the house next door to the church building on the south side was bought from Claire Strickler, the daughter-in-law of R. F. Strickler who  was a former minister at the church. . Five acres behind the church building was also bought from Claire Strickler.  This house will serve as the church parsonage. There is hope someday to be able to use the land to expand.  With that in mind in 2010 the leadership of the church made a proposal to the church to build a multipurpose building for the church. After the congregational vote the church decided not to go ahead with this building at this time.

In 2014 the leadership again brought to the congregational a proposal for a building to be build. This time the building was intended to serve the Kirkpatrick Church of Christ Food Pantry, but is now planned as a multipurpose building, a recreational area for the children and other uses. The building is a 96' x 56' structure. The building has been given to the church as a gift. The church will be responsible for the electric, heating, plumbing and gravel. Everything else pertaining to the building construction has been provided for. A congregational vote was taken, the 1st Sunday of June 2014, and the congregation approved this proposal with an 86% approval. This building was completed in February of 2016. The building has been a blessing to the congregation, serving as its Family Life Center. The FLC is also available to be rented out to the community for wedding receptions, graduations, birthday parties, family reunions, and other community events.